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Recommend using an external recording device & tracking time in each session.

Each .mp3 is a single 10 minute looped file created from segmented audio from Andres AGBX Box

In my opinion in ITC the audio is manipulated between the device producing the sound & the recorder.

Using this single file method allows the user to rule out a radio snipet adding credit to Evp’s.

App is completely open for all users to see content.


Radio ON - Turns on single file audio

Radio Off - Turns off single file audio

Reverb On - Turns on single file audio with Echo & Reverb

Reverb Off - Turns off single file audio with Echo & Reverb

Both banks can be run at the same time.

Many Thanks to Andre Wullaert for providing the audio from his boxes for this app.

Please be sure to visit Andres Ghost Box page on Facebook to see or place orders for

Physical ghost boxes on link below.

Thank you for trying this app

Matt Payne

Andre's Ghost Box App Recommend PSI Bank Player