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Use an external recording device in a session.

As the audio remains the same in each session the user can listen back

to either validate or debunk evp's.

Each .mp3 is a single file created from physical ghost boxes then segmented & ramdomised to make random sounds.

-single click speaker icon to play audio

-click pause icon to stop audio

opening & closing statement to aid in opening & closing an ITC session but recommend

you still do you own protection if you wish.

Sound files are 10 minutes long each as 10 minutes is an ideal session lenth.

Default .mp3 install files are:

Bank 1: Andres Box

Bank 2: Joes Box

Bank 3: Memorex 2 xtreme pocket radio hack

Bank 4: Mix of Andres/Joes & memorex segments

Kaos: is a mix of all 3 reversed box (Andres/Joes & Memorex) files

White Noise background sound (can be run behind any bank sound)

Rainfall background sound (can be run behind any bank sound)

Play Tv icon plays/pauses Tv Static screen

Thank you for trying this app

Matt Payne

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