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If you have any evidence you would like to share with others you can do so here.

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Psi Best Video Evidence & Credible Reviews

Review 1

Hello Matt,

ok firstly the footage,

What i like about the footage is we can see clearly the affected item, its a fairly typical group of people conducting a vigil, and their reactions are or come across as genuine in response to the movement of the ball.

What would make this footage better is if the subject matter was closer and there was no editing of the video section, (example being the balls were closer to the camera and by editing I mean placing of text on to the footage)

The reason I mention the footage is because this looks to be a fantastic piece of footage and as a rule will mean it gets viewed by a broad audience, because you have added text there are going to be some that talk about video edits, and because the subject is visible but yet un identifiable.... When I first saw the footage I watched again thinking it was an apple placed on its side and could possibly of moved because apples are not often a perfect circumference... I hope you see my point.

I think you have done an excellent job in showing the ball and showing the floor also your comment about drafts perhaps causing the ball to roll and yes, there is no movement i can see which would of caused the ball to move in this fashion . The photographs of the spirit level would of been better if more of the location was visible so the viewer could identify it as defiantly the same location and placed along the direction of travel .

What could also improve this footage or at least the explanation would of been the visible team shown showing the ball there and then to the camera and also demonstrating the points you have made as part of your analysis.

My overview of the footage would be that this is a really interesting piece of footage which is seldom caught with such clarity while we can always talk about hidden strings breezes and foul play i believe that the reaction of the people present displays their genuine surprise at the movement of the ball which wouldn't of been so convincing had this been set up in anyway. The searching for an explanation has been good in that the ball is shown as is the surface of the floor.

I think there will never be a perfect situational piece of footage because there will always be questions raised by people who weren't there no matter how much post examination is done so its good just to put it out there for people to see, be engaged with and to try and build upon for themselves.

Its an excellent job well done Matt, and thank you for showing me your footage .

Review 2

That's impressive footage. I watched everything carefully (a few moments I watched several times), and In my opinion I think you have some very valid evidence there. The ball certainly appeared to move of it's own accord, and I even was able to see it shift slightly moments later. There were also quite a few orbs and light anomalies present in the longer video. And since the floor was level and no breeze was coming in, I really think you have some compelling evidence here. You should post it. Good work. And I still wish I had a British accent. We Americans sound so...plain...Lol. ...So, yes, I believe it to be authentic. Very good Matt.

Review 3

Had a good close look at it for you mate . Its a very interesting one to say the least. My first thought was could it be a breeze coming in from the window however the curtain doesn't show any signs of wind or movement so it can't be that. not to mention there is a ball right next to it which would more than likely move also if it was. Looking at it though mate i will be very honest, I'm a bit speechless as i can't seem to figure out a logical explanation for it. the way the ball moves too is very strange as it starts rolling and then rolls back on itself. I have watched it a fair few times and all i can say is it looks a good compelling piece of evidence mate. Really good catch! I really can't give you an explanation. Great catch pal If anyone comes up with a good explanation or anything bud please let me know as i want to follow this

Review 4

Interesting video; the issue with this sort of thing is that people such as ***** ***** would cast this off as some type of anomaly unintentionally projected by the mind; heavy going stuff but he believes - as many others do - that such activity is connected to the psyche (poltergeist activity is often connected to menstruation cycles; females etc) so whether it's an actual spirit I'm unsure and I'm intrigued more so that this never happened again in spite of the team member requesting. Who knows!

I'd completely rule out orbs as paranormal; cameras have so many glitches and also pick up such obscure elements which the naked eye cannot but as with the paranormal; the evidence you have is a teaser and adds to the mystery. I'm sure sceptics will argue it's a hoax - with the paranormal it's difficult to prove anything unless you have an actual scientific team present.