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Oracle Box - 1

App features

Add up to 20,000 thousands of audio segments to be played in random.

Sweep rate control from 150ms to 1000ms

Volume control

Echo & Reverb effects

Add single files or complete folders (at least 10 files required)

Remove list

Visual on segments playing & stand by segment

Compatible on windows 7/8 & 10

About OB-1 app

Anthony Mark of Afterlight Paranormal approached me to collaborate with him on OB-1 app.

Anthony put work in on the app interface design & providing me with his own audio pack - The Dark Light Pack.

Original app code provided by eXtremesenses

OB-1 Download Word Banks

Free Download

Download file on link below to use OB-1

Once installed OB-1 download the following audio packs

The audio bank packs includes all files used in Psi online

Apps & more

Online Ghost Box

Glossolia Bank


Ouija Box #02 audio

& more to create your own bank of sounds.

Extract packs using winrar to use in your sessions.

Physical Boxes Static Noise Phonetic Banks Silence R Ruiz Spiritron

If you enjoy Psi Apps we welcome your donation to help fund our research.

Oracle Pack