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PSI Bank Player V1.5

Features of V1.5

Add between 10 to thousands of audio segments to be played in random across three seperate banks A,B & c.

Mute individual banks for variations of sound.

Sweep rate control from 150ms to 1000ms

Trigger image allows user to add image to player that they feel will help communication or validate replies.

Echo & Reverb effects on each bank

Add complete folders (at least 10 files required for each bank)

clear list button for each bank

Visual on segments playing & stand by segment

Compatible on windows 7 & 8

About PsiBankplayer

I approached Martin at eXtremesenses with what I wanted in an

App & he agreed to help develop what I was looking for.

Original developed by Martin at eXtremesenses.

Please take some time to look at Martins apps available.

Download Player Word Banks

Free Download

Download file on link below to use PsiBankplayer v1.0

Once installed PsiBankplayer download the following

The audio bank packs includes all files used in Psi online

Apps & more.

Online Ghost Box

Glossolia Bank


Ouija Box #02 audio

& more to create your own bank of sounds.

Extract packs using winrar to use in your sessions.

Physical Boxes Static Noise Phonetic Banks Silence Trigger Images R Ruiz Spiritron

If you enjoy Psi Apps we welcome your donation to help fund our research.

MurMur Pack Language Pack