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Random Allophone Volume Emulator Narrator


Phonemic Chart

Bank a Bank b Bank c Bank d

Audio Banks Key

Bank  a & b are not the same.

All banks contain various volume presets from 10% to 100%

None of the above banks contain full words only allophones/phonetics which

Is the base of human speech.

No Internet at your location? No problem.

Download the file below to use Raven audio files in a

Desktop player at location.

Step 1 - Download Raven Desktop app here:

About Raven

I was approached by Jason Bland of Midwest Paranormal & host of Youtube

Show Paranormal Soup with the idea of having banks of only allophones

In a random audio player setting random volumes to allow use with the

Portal or similar devices such as ampkit.

RAVEN was born!

Raven Desktop
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Audio Banks